For the Building & Construction Industries

Bidcon Cost estimation & control

Powerproject Project scheduling & control

Site Progress Onsite reporting

Risk Analysis Detailed risk management

Report & BI Comprehensive reporting

Integration Between the project & cost

Process Consistency throughout

Status Concise info, always

Be smart & be apart of the 6.5% in the industry that innovate using software.

Planning is not easy when you have multiple concurrent jobs to run, industry challenges are hard enough let alone having to continually be concerned about the management & administrative work that is critical to the enduring success of your business.

The most important tool you can employ is the tool that simplifies what is otherwise a very complicated job. Computers are designed to perform millions of tasks quickly, and our solutions are is designed to apply your logic, business customizations and preferences to that work for you.

The answer for the building industry has always been in front of you 'employ adequate systems & process', the solutions that resolved these issues have not until in 2016 Australia with Elecosoft UK & Consultec products arriving to the market..

For Building Companies we offer comprehensive solutions, with all the functionality other options cannot. Very easy to learn and employ, from the least computer literate to the most detailed and literate of computer users will be excited by depth and breadth of tools that they can employ to escalate your business & efficiencies.

We do this by first understanding your requirements today, planning for the future tomorrow and implementing solutions that are considered best of breed in the industry, proven and trusted by thousands worldwide..

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