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Our team are at the forefront of Artificial Intelligence specifically in the Building and Construction industry, Asia Pacific, from Australia to New Zealand we have continued to take Elecosoft's products to the next level in solutions.
In the following years to come, 2024 and 2025 will be pivotal to industry adoption of Artificial Intelligence and services related to servicing the construction and trades industries. If you or your team have any questions around how you could best implement AI in your business, just ask today!

Client Feedback

Using Powerproject, we had the evidence to prove what the likely outcome of different scenarios would be rather than just saying what was likely to happen. It helped to improve co-operation and communication, as everybody bought into it.

Andew McTavish


  • Deliver better projects by planning your next project in a tool designed for construction, infrastructure, and related industries.
  • Task pools and code libraries make it easy to build and visualise your plan in minutes.
  • Drawing and linking tasks for critical path analysis and assigning codes, calendars, resources, and costs can all be done intuitively from within the Gantt chart, to rapidly develop your plan.

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