Take your property
into another dimension
Visualise your assets like never before. IconVR joins spherical photographs to create a fully-immersive, 3D walkthrough of any location. As part of the IconSystem, Elecosoft’s revolutionary data management software, IconVR provides an interactive environment where every detail of a property is brought to life at the click of a button.
Revolutionise how you explore space
Create an interactive 3D walkthrouh with
IconVR comes with a number of instant and long term benefits
Time and Cost saving
Investigate, inspect or give
a tour of any space without a time-consuming site visit
A Cross-Department
IconVR can be used for an array of functions including training, inspection, and progress reporting
Controlled Access
Hosted on you own website, you control who can and cannot use the iconVR system
A Cross-Department
The IconVR interface is extremely simple to navigate so users can start straight away
Realistic Experience
IconVR allows users to step into
and explore a virtual word as if you were really there
Multimedia Use
IconVR is fully compatible with deskstop, smartphones, tablets
and VR headsets.
Expert Consultancy
The iconSyatem team can carry
out VR Surveys, or advise how to carry them out yourself
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