Specs &
A mobile digital
specification library

House every data asset for equipment, policy and branding and see every detail, right down to a single light switch. Stop data conflicts with revisions instantly updated everywhere in the system. You say who can see what. Only your selected users will be notified of changes, so your data is kept secure and confidential.

No ordinary data management system

See every specification and standard. Keep all digital construction data in one place, with full version histories and change notifications.
And with unlimited license use, you can give every team member access.

Store and manage all your policies
Plan what goes where with easy formatting
Ensure Consistent branding across properties
Categorise equipment by department
Access design details by room
See details for each and every item
Find any item quickly and easily
Unlimited Users
Save over £13,000 on one order
An incorrect order:
If a supermarket build needs
900 LED
Lights each at
£ 15 = £13,500
and their team
Please an incorrect order
due to wrong specification
due to wrong specification
it costs
to fix the mistake
thanx to a
20% Restock fee
x5 stores
=cost of
Specs &
An over-order on flooring:
in a cafe group has
2,000 Square ft
of space per cafe
and their team place a
10% over-order
on vinyl flooring, it costs
£400 per cafe
=cost of
Specs & Standards

Want visability to all your specifications and standards?

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