Staircon CAM 3/4
Automated production
Wtach how it works

The power of automated production

We have made successful installations on all the major brands of machines for the
Woodworking industry. Please contact us if you want information or examples on how
Staircon connects with your machine. The ability to customise Staircon CAM to the
client’s methods of production is one of the keys of its great success.
After the initial software configuration and installation, the day-to-day work is done in one single view showing everything from the initial project to the finished CNC file. The simulation of tool paths and/or CNC code visualised in 3D provides a good understanding of what the generated CNC program will ultimately do.

Multiple Staircon production files can be processed simultaneously offering the advantage of processing details from several projects at a time and optimizing table layouts for details. The system can be setup to run several machines and distribute the stair details among them according to a set of rules. Staircon CAM includes the module Edit Database to allow access to the Staircon CAD database.
Work preparation with the push of a button
Staircon CAM 3/4 includes all of the design functionality of Staircon Sales and Professional. Then with the push of a button code is generated for the items to be machined on the CNC machine.

Machinings available with Staircon CAM 3/4:

  • Continuous tool path machining
  • 3 or 4-axis riser and step pockets plus tenon machining
  • Contour and profiling with general arc recognition functionality to output arc (G2/G3)
  • Helical and interpolation drillings
  • Sawing (4-axis)
  • Functionality may vary due to machine limitations
  • Laser projection

See what our customer say

"The support we receive from staircon is first rate"
Paul Wishnoff, Unied Rockland Stairs
Add on modules available
This is Add on modules available with this product are Export 3D and 2D,
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