Staircon Professional
Efficient Processing and material optimisation
Ready for production with the push of a button
Efficient and well co-ordinated work preparation for manufacturers using scaled and full-scale
print-outs. In combination with the add-on module Export 2D DXF, Staircon Professional is
also used by CNC manufacturers using general CAM software.
Staircon Professional includes all design functionality featured in Staircon Sales PLUS the features below:
Key additional functionality:
  • Generate production data with material optimisation
  • Full size print of production details
  • Scaled production drawings
  • Bill of materials
  • Print plan full scale (1:1)
  • Bullnose step
See output examples
Add on modules available
Add on modules available with this product are Export 3D, 2D
and DXF for CAM, Pricing, Edit Database and ERP

See what our customer say

"Staircon is just head and sholders above others in term of being easy to use. i think any could use it"
Simon Barlett, Woodbase joiners Ltd.