The easiest way to a selling design

Let your customer see the staircase they envision. Staircon Sales is the
perfect tool for construction and visualisation in 3D.

With Staircon Sales the staircase is designed in three views:Plan view,
side view and 3D view
The visualisation in 3D gives a good understanding of what the finished staircase will look like. Surrounding walls, windows and doors can also be visualised. Different design alternatives can easily be presented for the end customer, for example material and finish. The plan view is typically used to design the shape of the stair, floor opening and walls. Dimensions can be added automatically and/or manually, along with the ability to edit the stair design. The side view is typically used to edit the side shape of strings and balustrades.
Examples of design features include:
  • Free shape floor opening and walls
  • Free shape of stair, including T and S shapes
  • Free shape floor and raking balustrade, including glass
  • Cut top side of steps- antiglide and stone inlay
  • Customer specific stair parts
  • Customer specific print out from any of the 3 views
  • Bent front edge of step
  • Bullnose step
  • String and handrail with radius (arc)
Building regulations compliance
The stairs compliancy to chosen building regulations (headroom, step height etc) is easily tested. Documentation can be generated with project properties as well as scaled drawings of plan-, side and 3D view.
Flexible design
Guides with predefined stair shapes are used to quickly draw the most common staircases. Staircon also allows for modification into any shape, giving the user a large range of design possibilities. Floor balustrade, floor openings and walls can also be created with flexible design..
There is no limitation to the number of stairs, floors or stairwells that can be designed in one single project.
Add on modules available
Add on modules available with this product are Export 3D, Pricing and Edit Database

See what our customer say

"Staircon is just head and sholders above others in term of being easy to use. i think any could use it"
Simon Barlett, Woodbase joiners Ltd.